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RegularJOE Released Oct 23, 2013

MALE VOICE OVER ARTISTS: RECord your VO of "BILL" from this script I edited of "Mind Games" by jonathan levine & Will Reiser. Please refer to THIS VOICE OVER Scarlett performed for "OLIVIA."

ILLUSTRATORS: Create visuals of the Characters, Settings, and Props in THIS VISUAL REQUEST LIST.





Music blares in the background. Dozens of drunk 20 somethings mingle.

BILL (mid 20’s) wades his way through the dense crowd and steps up to the bar. He notices OLIVIA (also mid 20’s) also waiting for the bartender. They exchange smiles.

BILL (V.O.): Ah shit, I shoulda peed first.

BILL: How’s it going?


OLIVIA (V.O.): “Hi.” Good start. Kind of generic, but­­--

BILL: Listen, I don't usually do this­­--

OLIVIA: Let me guess. You want to buy me a drink?

BILL (V.O.): Dammit! She thinks you’re a douche.

BILL: Yeah.

OLIVIA (V.O.): Douche move. But he’s not awful looking. Plus you’re almost done with this drink, and drinks are expensive around here. Who are you to turn down 11 bucks, Oprah? Just don’t be obvious about it. Quick. Stall­­--

(She quickly looks down at her PHONE.)

OLIVIA: Hold on. I’m getting a text.

BILL: You are?

OLIVIA: Yes. I happen to get lots of texts.

OLIVIA (V.O.): Now laugh, make him think you’re talking to another guy.

(She LAUGHS at something on her phone.)

(She starts TEXTING on her phone.)

BILL: From your boyfriend?

OLIVIA (V.O.): You’re a genius. Draw him into your web, you genius spider.

OLIVIA (to Bill): Just a friend.

BILL (V.O.): Just a friend? Like, a guy who wants to sleep with you but he’s stuck in the friend zone? Or like a...

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