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may mcdonough Released Aug 08, 2010

first track on album 'spilt milk', but copyright shmoppyrights. right? rights.

and someone asked for the lyrics:  

drag your feet, keep your life strapped to your shoulders.

if you don't carve your age into your belt, you wont get any older

it's a mixed up masquerade, a penniless arcade

every face a frown, oh what a crazy town

hang your head, they'll steal the toes right off of your feet

you're lucky to count all ten, when you're living on the street

its a story thats been told, a body thats been sold

'round and around and around. oh what a crazy town

(see) joy around here comes in a little pink balloon

and if you got out of here yesterday it wouldn't be too soon

it's a cardboard palisade, a pocket change brigade

every way is down. oh what a crazy town

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