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a sort of stream of consciousness-y thing ive been writing lately. i saw this timelapse vid today by bluebudgie and was really inspired to experiment with it. i understand how this might be seen as political or preachy or offensive.. but i honestly dont mean to be any of those things. it is directed at me more than anyone else. there's a lot of literary reference nod's in the text.

sub-point: the track is an instrumental version of everything is on fire

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    In the time before the light.

    There was a still in a near endless night.

    A cold vast and clear.

    Without chaos sound madness consciousness.

    No love...

    No fear or hope..

    No mind no will...

    Just a still before we were here.

    No earth no stars, just a whisper in the dark cold...

    Let there be light, and now in each of us warmed by the sun each day as we look to the stars in the night sky.

    Brilliance in each of us.

    A quiet break in the vast cold silence another whisper....

    We know we are here.
  • Aubrey_profile_pic
    Fantastic! Sentiments that need to be shared before we forget whats really the most important.
  • Me
    On fire... absolutely on fire <3
  • Girlzombie
    love it
  • Sin_t%c3%adtulo
  • Hitrec
    Wow.. you've really struck a chord with this... Is there anything you can't do?
  • 773
    Reality in absolute truth and courage to be completely authentic. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! <3
  • Me_facebook_pic
    You've shoveled out thoughts and emotions from deep within my being that have kept me buried since the very day I could first imagine. Thank you for EVERYTHING. Keep fighting. Don't let them take you. And I'll fight along side you from now on. Here we go.
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