by wirrow


a sort of stream of consciousness-y thing ive been writing lately. i saw this timelapse vid today by bluebudgie and was really inspired to experiment with it. i understand how this might be seen as political or preachy or offensive.. but i honestly dont mean to be any of those things. it is directed at me more than anyone else. there's a lot of literary reference nod's in the text.

sub-point: the track is an instrumental version of everything is on fire

  • Aubrey_profile_pic
    Fantastic! Sentiments that need to be shared before we forget whats really the most important.
  • Me
    On fire... absolutely on fire <3
  • Girlzombie
    love it
  • Sin_t%c3%adtulo
  • Hitrec
    Wow.. you've really struck a chord with this... Is there anything you can't do?
  • 773
    Reality in absolute truth and courage to be completely authentic. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! <3
  • Me_facebook_pic
    You've shoveled out thoughts and emotions from deep within my being that have kept me buried since the very day I could first imagine. Thank you for EVERYTHING. Keep fighting. Don't let them take you. And I'll fight along side you from now on. Here we go.
  • Ahha
    illuminating... brilliant... deep...
    by Mark509
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