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We’re going to score "Untitled One Song" in stages.  The first stage is this one:  Where we establish the tones for each of the genre characters in the story.  What we need are bits of instrumental music that will play under each group of characters’ lines at the top of the story, where they’re introduced.  They will be edited to play only under the spots where the leader of each group is speaking, describing what they’d do to quash Silence.  So:

Each piece will probably only have about 4 seconds (!) to play under each line.  Therefore, your ideas have to be REALLY strong and clear;  The music you make has to scream the genre we’re describing loudly...There’s no room for ambiguity.  The audience needs to understand within just a few frames that we’re describing the trolls, glooms, etc.  If it’s easier for you to write around 10 seconds of music, go for it...We’ll chop it down to fit the pix later.  Also, it’s always helpful if your piece has an actual beginning and ending, not just a cutoff.  On to specific musical suggestions:

Tempos should all be at least 130 BPM, to allow for enough measures to make a musical point.  The Glooms, Engineers, and Princesses have some overlapping characteristics in general, but careful attention to the details I’ve spelled out will keep them distinct.

TROLLS: Punk distorted guitar, bass,drums. Power chords.  No synths or drum machine-type sounds whatsoever.

GLOOMS:  Emoish/shoegaze/goth kinda music.  teenage angst, goth, 'no one understands me', elitist.This one can be slower, like around 110 BPM, if it’s helpful.  Minor key would be a good place to start.  I might suggest a pulsating eighth-note feel.  Synth bass line.  Clean, chorus’ed guitars (NOT distorted) playing rolled chords or arpeggio type figures.  Simple, strong, high synth line on top of a synth pad?

ENGINEERS:  Electronic/chiptune/8bit kind of music.  Geeky, snorty, intelligent, nerdy, scientists, inventors.NOT a house beat, not dance music; Instead, dry retro drum machine texture.  Square waves, arpeggios, classic-sounding analog synths, eighth-note synth bass line.  No guitars. No acoustic instruments.

PRINCESSES:  Bubblegum pop.  Fun, ditsy, bubbley, pop, bright, princessy.Pure pop.  Happy, fun, energetic.  They should be lovely, charming, hearkening back to classic, tuneful pop.  Can utilize drum machine-ey elements and synths, but try it with those elements in the background.  If you can manage to craft a ‘typical’ modern-sounding pop music piece with some auto-tuned vocals and synth textures, while still keeping it lovable and sweet (instead of cynically-stupid pop music simply existing to make money), you’ll be a hero : )