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There ended up being a bug on the original file of this record, and all previous data dissapeared :(  
I've been told to reupload for now, so I hope everything just goes ay okay in the meantime


I have a dilemma considering which collaboration to contribute this piece to, originally I created it for RE: FANTASY but through the development of my piece I realized it showed an obvious depiction of RE: THE OTHER SIDE, either way I would like to give a little backstory to the fantasy perspective. Living my life I started creating and building this sort of fantasy that I had regarding what was out there in parts the world where I haven't seen or lived, always wanting to see more of what I was given, I wanted to live it but somehow I was always stuck and snuggled away in the current life I've been living. I was looking out to the fantasy that was always out there that I never seemed to catch. It was a fantasy that was at arms reach but some how I wasn't accessible to it. I realized that it wasn't a fantasy of wanting to experience more of the world or escape but at it's core it was a fantasy about finding out how I wanted to live and how I wanted to be happy. I really hope someone might be on the same page as me because sometimes I'm not very clear but hopefully some of you might find a connection.

Much love (´ `)ノ

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