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I think I've got almost everything to mix it down for a result i dream of.
If you really want to help me finish it, please do the "cello chorus and outro" part from this file: . It can be anything, not only cello, so if you play any strings, welcome:)
Synth version is here:

Thank you:)

Dear everybody! We're looking for people who can play strings or whatever you want (but especially strings of all sorts) to make this arrangement really perfect. If you want to help us, click:
If you like this wonderful song as much as we do - this is original collaboration:

There's -very- rough version of this beautiful song. I used my old orchestration, warm viola by IlliterateWriter instead of synth violas and guitar (that is recorded pretty bad (well, more bad than pretty:)) instead of synth bass.
I haven't enough time to make it really good right now, so it's just a draft (I need to do something with all that buzzing and asynchronism and, for god's sake, rerecord this terrible guitar!), but I really like it. No, really.
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