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GeekyFox Released Jun 11, 2013



A trendy establishment, newly built but designed to give the impression of old brickwork and steel pillars, the red brick walls littered in cult movie posters from before the 70's. Everyone here is young and hip, the type of crowd that would quickly turn into a lynch mob as soon as someone stated the flaws with Apple products.

Lust is a curious condition of human existence; a chemical reaction with purpose to entice reproduction of the species. Yet it varies so wildly from person to person, some may feel not the slightest tingle upon intimate contact nor have any interest in seeking it out. Whereas others find the desires and inhibitions difficult to control, as though a demon resided inside them, screaming for more. Case in point, Walter... A reasonably handsome man in his late 20's enters and takes in the crowd, a predator surveying the waterhole. He is dressed snappy in a suit that denotes a good wage, with styled hair and a clean shaven face. His eyes have a twinkle to them as they scans the room before settling on a beautiful BLONDE girl at the bar by herself. With a smile and a stride he approaches her, attempting to make small talk.

Walter has long learned that what he desires isn't the comfort of a long term relationship, the idiosyncrasies of couple life or the ever repetitive motions of sex with the same partner. His lust was once a dominant aspect of his personality, over time Walter learned to reign it in, to use it as a companion on his nightly adventures. Searching out the most perfect specimen for after hours activities, he is never satisfied until his lust has broken through all aspects of civility within his mind and craves the ultimate beauty before him.

WALTER's attention is quickly distracted by an even more attractive brunette who has just been left alone across the room by her friend excusing herself to the bathroom. Without even a word of goodbye WALTER leaves the BLONDE and snakes over to the BRUNETTE.

Pleasure is his goal, his reward, but it does not last. Within a day he is lustful again, contemplating yet another conquest.

Mid-conversation WALTER looks over at a young COUPLE at a table, they talk joyfully whilst holding hands and looking lovingly to each other. For a brief moment WALTER'S mask falls and he appears unhappy, but within a heartbeat it is gone, the smile there once again.

Distractions come and go, the thought that perhaps this is not a content life, and that the moments of intimate connection to another soul are all too brief. But I am here to push aside these intruding ideas. I am here to keep him in line with his desires. I am the force driving his cravings, I am his lust, his primal urges, his demon, and I am never satisfied, I am never sated. And he will never be happy.

Standing beside WALTER, unknown to him or anyone else, is a strange conjuring of a man, he is wearing the same suit as WALTER only he is obese, his face contorted and vile, with a wicked smile and eyes as dark as void, as though beyond them lay nothing but darkness. WALTER continues to talk to the BRUNETTE whilst behind him this DEMON watches on, rubbing his gnarled hands together impatiently.