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The Pissed Princess
xobreexo23 Released Jul 25, 2010
I love TwistedThursday's short story, I always wondered what the Princess's side of the story was, so I just wanted to play with the idea. I was also wondering if I could try a little experiment with you guys. I made this little film of mine black and white gave little detail to the environment, as a way of giving you guys the rest of control. Kind of like a big coloring book that turns in a story. You can print it out for some hand made illustrations or photoshop it. Go crazy! This is such a plain atmosphere, which is no fit for a princess add some crazy shannigans please. Make the leaves orange and pink or add a penguin with a tuxedo. Its just a small experiment of mine,and I'm curious
I added zip of the individual photos soon so you pick any moment or emotion and give it a try
Thank you♥
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