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Some Street (REmix)
Day Glo Released Feb 20, 2013

It's one of those days when the air is too still. The stillness makes breathing feel forced, and every footstep or conversational call returns from the walls. These echoes make the stillness weigh even heavier. Isn't this city close to the sea? Shouldn't there be a breeze to lessen the heat?

I hauled myself out of bed about thirty minutes ago with a mouth like blu-tack in a hotel room that's not designed for three. Everyone else took the subway out, but I needed to sleep. I don't hate flying, but travelling exhausts me. I awoke to a room that was half-frozen by the AC, and left overdressed for the sunlicked pavements of the city street.

So I'll wander over to the subway, and I'll get a ticket from the machine with these coins that don't look right. The train will take me to where my family have spent the afternoon. It'll be even hotter down there, but at least the air moves.

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