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This is the second of three (as you all well know) songs about the devourment of the poor piggies. In this section, Twig Pig is well aware of the recent actions of the Wolf, but Wolf does not deny, he only attempts to rectify. And fools the little pig with words of love and guilt.

It's most affective on headphones/good speakers, as per.


I hope you see me for what I've done,

I'm a homeless, heartless, jealous one,

I only ask one thing from you,

Open up, those sticks won't keep me from loving you,

I hope you know that what I've done,

Was far from happy, far from fun,

Your faith in me has blown well away,

The guilt I feel I cannot convey,

Say what you will, I will wait right here,

You've got no choice, at the end of the day,

I hope you see me for what I'm for,

A humble harmless carnivore,

So step outside your wooden door,

Though I don't feel so guilty anymore.

F major - 4/4+2/4 mix - 100bpm - STEMS IN RESULTS

Do not serenade with this song. It is not appropriate. Side effects of said serenade may include:

  • - Increasing distance of significant other

  • - Potential criminal record

  • - Broken nose

  • - Temporary deafness due to terrified screaming


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