Take gasps of my last breath
Birth to my new death
Open my eyes to see nothing but blur
Cloudy white light like Heaven I wake
A warm feeling crawls through my blood
Creeps upon my heart
And gives a soft touch like a snowflake
Bad reminisce over the past forgotten
An angel in his arms I’m begotten
I collide with his dreams
Bruises healed
It’s dreaming on a battlefield
Color me purple, but paint my heart gold
Red’s to blunt, tells a story before it’s told
In your arms I wake, saved
Comfortable but caved
Love me everlasting
Eternity will fall standing
Lust over the breasts that covers all love
Like glass I shatter if fallen from above
A fallen Angel, I weep, but like a dove I’ll land by your feet
My protector now, so guard me.
Guard me from fallen again.

LaPanthereRose Released ago