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You didn't disappoint me.

You took a needle

and sharpened it against my palm

every time you held my hand.

Then you gently, so gently

threaded it through my chest

and out my back

and around to the front again, where you

wrapped it around yourself

and then around me once more.

You didn't let me down,

you kissed me like

I was the only person you'd kissed that day

so I knew I existed to you in that moment.

You didn't fail me,

you made me feel needed.

After all, you obviously needed me.

You couldn't leave, even when you had to go.

How could I be hurt from such flattery?

How could anyone?

You didn't destroy me.

Don't worry yourself,

I'm fine.

But you should probably ask her why she's crying.

I'm sure I don't know.

And hurry back...