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tiny tune about snuggling
joerud Released Feb 11, 2013

Here's the mp3 file.

Yeah it's only been up for about 3 hours, but I've always wanted to make a tiny tune out of one of wirrow's consistently great records, so I went for this gem!

It was entertaining singing this (the second half), because I started singing some mock voices, that just made it nice and adorable. Or undesirable.

What I would love to see is people singing and playing along to it in any way they feel. It's a very free kind of song, with so many potential things to add to it.

Db major - 4/4 - 110bpm - STEMS IN RESULTS

featured by wirrow date: 12th february 2012 ok i rarely feature remixes of my records.. but the clash of this soft sweet melody with the silly words made me laugh and warmed me at the same time. i think this would be nice with maybe a girl voice too? ok im gona check out ur records now, there better be more songs there!

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