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This is a loop song of something I think every person on this planet has experienced (and probably some animals too). That moment when two people are trying to pass each other and keep walking into each other. Every time you correct yourself, the other person corrects him/herself as well. And so a non-contact, polite battle ensues!

This is really just a first draft idea. I'll put up the stems on request if anyone fancies messing around with different parts.

My poor condenser mic is on its last legs these days, so I apologise for the stubborn fuzzes.


I move one way, you move the same way,

Stuck in an awkward parallel,

You move the other way, I do the same,

And now we're under the same old spell where...

It required a lot of deep breaths throughout (for me). But all experienced singers, piece-a-cake :)

C major - 4/4 - 173bpm - STEMS IN RESULTS

FEATURED BY: MattConley (Community Director) DATE: 2.11.13 COMMENTS: Really catchy contribution to the "RE: Loops" collaboration, and one that anyone could sing or play along to. The lyrics are posted in the record's description, so it's all about getting the timing right and uploading your audio stems so remixers can put them all together.

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