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Note: This is not a 'normal' REC (at least for me) It is not satirical, tongue in cheek, cynical, or fiction. Consider this a mission statement if you will. A manifesto which I admit is not finished forming in my mind. Consider this a small glimpse into what makes me tick, what drives me to create, and the evolution of my mentality, heart and soul. Consider this an introduction to the 'real' Joel The Gentleman. Hi- I'm Joel Scott.

   I was born just outside of Dallas in Grandprairie, Texas on April 13, 1988. I have never met my biological father or mother as I was put up for adoption before birth and left the hospital with the two wonderful people who immediately became the only parents I would ever have or ever need. I grew up in a small town in south Texas called Cuero. Most people in Texas haven't even heard of it so I doubt if it rings any bells in your head but let me paint a picture for you.
    Population: 6,000. Wal-Mart, McDonalds, the church that my father has preached at for almost 18 years, a high school built around a renowned football team, and 1000's of acres of ranch land- These were our most popular locales and when you hear people use the phrase "Everyone in this town knows everyone (and everyone's business- both personal and private)" you can now reply with "I bet it's worse in Cuero, Tx." Growing up I always felt like I didn't quite belong, as if I was E.T in a town full of unfriendly Elliots, hell bent on proving that unless you could punt, pass, or kick, then you should return to the planet from which you came. 
    My parents have always been...

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