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The crafty Wolf uses all manners of chicanery to lure the sympathetic swine from his sanctuary.

This song will hopefully be the first of three Pig Persuasions, the musical accounts of how the Big Bad Wolf consumed the three little Pigs, solely through the voice of the Wolf.

D major – 4/4 – 140bpm


I am sorry, little Pig,

I wasn’t thinking at the time,

I was hungry and alone,

But I know I crossed the line,


I’ve been feeling overwhelmed,

We were friends before,

So come out and we’ll make up,

Just move away your straw,


I hope you can forgive,

And soon you will forget,

Leaving your house like this,

Is a move you will regret,


I must thank you for the meal,

You have fed my appetite,

Now you’re safe within my gut,

And with that… I bid you goodnight.  The empty records were because I HAD SPACES IN MY FILE NAME. I'M SORRY MATT I FORGOT :(

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