Old sketch inspired by a picture of Monica Bellucci. I wanted post it since a while... I think it's time! :)


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    Thanks ThatGirlfromMars, Jack and Malorie, for recommending this drawing, very sweet <3
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    Thanks! Poeticon and Katie for the last hearts :) means a lot ♥
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    Thank you, AeB, Elvira and Melissa, so much appreciated <3
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    Thank you, Gaby and Faythomaz, I really appreciate you recommend this drawing :)
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    Thank you, Phoenix McQ, Melathio, Judy, Vanda, Justin and Olivia, I'm very glad you like it!
    @Judy, thanks also for your lovely comment, I'm very touched ♥
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    aww what a beautiful sketch Carole! <3
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    Thank you very much, AmyRowArt, Unique Michelle, Artanon, MamaCita and DevinLevi, for hearts! I really appreciate that :)
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    Thank you very much, WonderlandPro96, SnowFlower, Chuchu and Jams, so appreciated! <3
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