I've been revisiting a lot of old pieces and seeing if I can recreate them in different ways, and I love this type of environment. If you remember, I did a piece like this but with a sad light-bulb called "The Long Walk Home". This was just for fun, and it was. Enjoy.

  • Me!
    Good point. I'll ask them as well! But since this is photo I'd use, I'm going to go ahead and start making preparations now! Thanks for being so prompt! :D Let's hope this gets into an episode of HitRecord very soon!
  • Me!
    Hey, hi. So, I'm planning on making a book of short stories, of which I am going to take my dialogue from this and make into a short story. What I'm asking is if I can use this photo as part of my cover for the book. If I can't, that's fine, but I want this story to be my lead as I'm extremely proud of it. Comment over on my dialogue I posted to respond if you're into it!
  • Inness_1
    Fun Fun Fun
    That's all you ever have.
    Will we party!! When this comes out as a Movie or What!!!
    Billy Kevin Inness
    by Inness
  • Bunny_me
    The grass and robot and everything is just awesome
  • Bunny_me
    I haven't been on hitrecord for half a year and didn't realize my tiny birdie was remixed, it's such a minimal thing in this awesome picture but I'm happy it was used :)
  • Img_3773
    Never mind, it's finally working. Forget I was ever here.
  • Img_3773
    I've remixed your illustration, but it won't let me resource you. Just letting you know. My apologies.
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