This is how we propose to split up the profits for "The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, Vol. 1" STORIES.

Join in the discussion and give us your feedback by February 18th, 2013.




NOTE: To best review this profit doc, please click "DOWNLOAD" in order to view it in high-resolution. :oD

  • On_the_road
    thank you everyone for your hard work in figuring all of this out!!
  • Portrait
    The Final "STORIES" Profits have been posted here:

    The initial remainder of .284% to Cover Art has been revoked, and the proper revisions were made to "Dusts" (both the Illustration and Story resources each total .586% now.)
  • Kouralilly-1530361
    Thanks for listening! I'm really glad you guys are putting so much work into setting all this up!
    by cacheth
  • Portrait
    @cacheth: You are completely right. The remainder for "Witch" actually did go to JacksonBlack in our revisions, however we also moved .142% to Cover Art by mistake. Likewise, on "Dusts," .142% does need to be distributed amongst the illustrations, and not added to Cover Art. Thanks for clarifying!
  • Zitadavid-1538017
    We get paid for this??!! ;)
  • Kouralilly-1530361
    MattConley, I think you misunderstood. For "Wicked Witch" RegularJOE's percentage is consistent with the rest of the pattern developed through the other stories. The 0.142% from that story that should go to the edit should come from the story's percentage, rather than the illustration's percentage. This means there should be no remainder at all, since the story's percentage at current count is at 0.710% and the illustration is at 0.426%. lindzey42's percentage is the one that needs to be revised, the current solution does nothing to resolve the issue I saw.
    Similarly, the illustration side for "Dusts" is still only receiving 0.426%, which I think is unfair. The revised percentage for the story side works for me, but there should be no remainder, or the illustration is simply getting gypped. I think it would be more appropriate for the remaining 0.142% to be divided amongst the 3 contributors to the illustration.
    by cacheth
  • Portrait
    @featherpetal: After reviewing the remarks of both yourself and cacheth, we examined the Profit Proposals of "Reciprocate" and revised the resources the following way: Dolphin170's resource was revised to .426% and your resource was revised to .142%. The reason for this was that the remix you did combining the two records certainly played a very critical role in the Tiny Story that appears in the book, however allocating .426% for the illustration and .142% is consistent to other Tiny Stories that had an edit or remix of a resource.
  • Portrait
    @Haus_of_Glitch: After discussing the Proposals for "The Tiniest Story," we decided that in order to remain consistent with the breakdowns of the Tiny Stories in this production, each Story and Illustration should each get .586% across the boards.
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