by rewfoe

This is a little cartoon I did inspired by Stephen Trask's song "Stay Away" (edit by Malicore)

I wanted to capture the beautiful simplicity of the tiny story and short song.

You can find more of my work on Tumblr or Facebook.


So much love,


  • 2wonder_2000px
    really amazing :)
    by 2wonder
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    this is beautiful.
  • 76748_465337934494_504234494_5795997_6584961_n
    This is very cool!
  • Stephen
    I love this.
  • Img_3911
    Beautifully created. Well done!!!
  • 387108_3488108729959_1341808232_n
    Rewfoe, you've created something truly fantastic for us all here at hitRECord, great work!
  • Blueworlds
    Wow, this is amazing!
  • Mepinkglasses
    This is totally awesome and lovely. I especially love the creatures that swim by. This feels like its own universe. I almost wonder if it deserves its own score and tale.

    It fits very thematically with the Tiny Tune, but it doesn't match perfectly tonally. Both are awesome on their own, but the song is very raw and loose and unpolished, while the animation is the opposite.

    I would love to hear what alternate scores and stories our community could come up with surrounding this!
    by Proi
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