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A lot of amazing things happened in The REC ROOM here at Sundance 2013! All sorts of artists - RECorders new and old - stopped by to collaborate with us on a variety of cool collaborations. And we had a full studio set up to RECord it all!

Highlights included eaneikciv RECording some contributions to the "Family Band" collaboration, Stephen Trask sing a Tiny Tune that we are going to remix and make into a Short Film, crunchycrown & drdavey performing a voice over for the "Subway Existentialist" Dialogue Tale, tdolan breaking out some ink and illustrated some Tiny Stories, and our good friends at SONY provided us with Vaio computers to RECord with as well as NEX-5 and A57 cameras that were lent to festival-goers to film footage for the "RE: Snow" collaboration.

We have RECorded at Sundance three times already and we hope the tradition continues! It goes without saying that besides all the physical stuff that happened in The REC ROOM, what makes it extra special is that the hitRECord community all over the world contributed to all of these collaborations as well.

Big thanks to SONY for powering our REC ROOM's technology!

Thanks Again!



NOTE: Resources from the SONY Loaner Program will be uploaded as soon as possible.

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