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“Can I play?”

“No way!”

“Why not?”

“Because you never play fair.”

“Since when?”

“Since always. You’re a cheater.”

“That’s not true! C’mon! Let me play!”

“No. I don’t want my favorite game to be tainted by your underhand gamesmanship.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You know exactly what I’m talking about, you deceitful twerp.”

“That’s uncalled for.”

“No, it is very much called for.”

“Please let me play. I promise I won’t cheat.”

“You promise?”

“Cross my heart.”

“And hope to die?”


Say it.”

“Yeah, yeah. I cross my heart and hope to die. Now, can I play?”


“Super! Okay. What are the rules?”

“They’re aren’t any rules.”

“No rules?”

“No rules.”

“Then, how could I possibly cheat in a game with no rules?”

“You’re the cheater. You tell me.”

“I’m not a…Forget it…How do we play?”

“We just…play the game however we want to pretty much.”

“…Excluding cheating, right?”


“So, I guess there is one rule, huh?”

“Which is only fair.”