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Fair to Midland
saintmaker Released Jan 25, 2013

I can still see it, after all these years. At the Midland County Fair, the ferris wheel had stopped.

Not an unusual occurence, so I've been told. After all, maintenance wasn't a priority with the "carnies"...fleecing the general public was.

It should've been a beautiful sight that night. The ferris wheel all lit up, towering over the also lit up tents and the carousel and the trailers.

And at the very top of the ferris wheel: the most beautiful fair-haired girl in the world...with my best friend. 

Then the screaming began. The stranded passengers panicked. No one knew why. Except for me that is. It was their survival instinct making them scream. There was no danger of them falling, but they were definitely in existential danger.

It had everything to do with the most beautiful girl in the world. The fair-haired girl at the top of the ferris wheel. The only people not screaming were her and my best friend. They were making out.

So I hopped over the fence and I began to climb the stalled, stilled ferris wheel. I was 17 years old, the prime of my life I suppose, so climbing was easy. From one ferris wheel seat to another; grabbing bars, bracing myself on the heads of screaming people.

I made it to the top in just a few minutes. And here they were, my best friend and Virginia. The incredibly other-worldy gorgeous Virginia. They were kissing. Passionately and obliviously. He had his hand on her left breast.

I grabbed his hand and broke the spell. They both looked up at me. One face questioning; the other face with instant and total recognition.

I drove the wooden stake through her heart. Right where my best friend's hand had been.

She was a vampire you see. 

My best friend still comes to see me every week. Thursdays from 9-11 a.m. Visiting hours.