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It’s not fair. Life, love, everything.  But that’s what makes it interesting.  If everything were fair, there would be no room to grow.  We wouldn’t have to fight for the things we want and we wouldn’t have to try for anything.  Everything would just be handed to us on a silver platter, and life would be uneventful and unchanging.  We hate how unfair everything is, but without unfairness, we wouldn’t be the people we are.  We are defined by our actions, fighting for the things unfairly taken from us included.  If everything were fair, nothing would be the same.  We would hate how simple everything was and how little we had to try for everything we love.  So maybe it’s good that life’s unfair.  The struggles we face, the loves we lose, and everything else in between.  They told me life’s not fair, but they didn’t tell me it wasn’t always a bad thing.