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Like the title says, I just typed (with one hand while lying in bed lights out) for 10 minutes straight. Hope you enjoy, this was fun to do. Thank you tori without you this wouldn't exist (try not to hold it against her folks.)

I do declare
That life
Is unfair
Like the games at the fair

I am unclear
As to why life is unfair
But it is my dear
Here, here

My maiden is fair
As is my queen
If they were to meet
It would be a torrid scene

The fair
Can be fair
If you add some flare

Unaware of what is there
I went to the fair
Sans underwear

Oh what tragic day
What an epic loss
I split my pants
On the ring toss

In this life so unfair
Few folks get it right
So if you do, share
So that we might win the fight

Against old ideals
Long since out of date
Against clunky old things
That have too much weight

Here fair hare
Is food
So please don’t be rude

There was no point to this
It’s a series of random thought
10 minutes of conciseness
in a poem wrought

I hope it’s not an epic fail
I’m still stuck at the fair
Sans pants or bail