This is the REC Room Mix of "Stay Away: Tiny Tune" RECorded at Sundance.

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    I could easily come up with harmony to it but I didn't see the request for added harmonies... Let me know if you would like me to give it a go thanks- Rachel
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    I want to loop this song and make a static trapeze performance with it.
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    FEATURED BY: MattConley (Community Director)
    DATE: 1.24.13
    This is a really beautiful Tiny Tune that so many artists could collaborate on. Musicians could sing along, add harmonies, and contribute additional instruments. Let's also turn this into a Tiny Film. Illustrators could remix mirtle's "Stay Away" illustration or create new visuals, or Filmmakers could shoot new footage for this song. Editors could gather resource and cut them to the song. Lots of ways to start collaborating on this! :D
  • Dragon
    What are the chords/key for this song? I'm thinking of adding a new instrument for it but I'm not sure what notes to start on...
  • Ozie_hat_profile2
    Poignant and nice. Dissonance is your friend.
    by ozie
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    I could definitely see a little short film with this. Nice.
  • Eaneikciv
    i want so badly to sing along to this, so i got my broken microphone out of the garage just to see if it had magically healed itself yet.
    nope, still broken.
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