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So my friends, I am spending the next 5 days in New Orleans, and shan't have time for a re-REC video so I'm jumping in a bit early this week! A few newer records, but these are mainly some older ones that I wanted to shed some light on!

1. Maidmer - Doodle, jenyffer.maria

I have always really liked this image, and there have been a few things done with it, but I'd love to see someone take this further - maybe remix it with another image or two, or have a tiny story for it? It's a beautiful drawing, and I think there's a lot that can be done with it.

2. Star Stealer (remix), TanyaMar

Ok so this re-REC is two-fold. First of all, I just want to draw attention to Tanya's work overall - She has recently been exploring remixing, and has been producing some great records. I'm really excited for her as an artist as she continues to explore this :D Second, this is a brilliant remix - she used multiple different resources to create this character, and set him up nicely for a story, or to be expanded upon. I really like the overall design of his body, and I feel like this character can be taken in a lot of directions.

3. Egg Boy, kimverrips

I have a little crush on this guy - She has two different illustrations of this character, so you should definitely check out the other one as well. Kimverrips wrote a tiny story to go along with this guy (which was great), but I'd also love to see other tiny stories and ideas pertaining to this character.

4. Balloons (a tiny story), mikeoraw

This is a great illustraion, and I love the tiny story that mikeoraw wrote for it! That's basically it - I just love this record :P

5. a tiny confession, jestsaying

So this tiny story has been re-REC'd a few times, but nothing has come about from it yet - I'd really love to see what a visual interpretation of this would look like. I like the idea of it staying simplistic, i.e., just how it's presented as a tiny story, with no illustration, but I also think it would be interesting to see how different artists would interpret this

6. Bottled happiness, rewfoe

This could be added to the unicorn collaboration, or it could have a tiny story for it - the possibilities are endless! I think it's a good resource for a lot of different things currently going on with the site, and I'd love to see it integrated in different projects, collaborations, etc.

7. Feeling Square (tiny story and illustration), IAmRobynNicole

I really like this tiny story, and Robyn's illustration, but would also love to see different interpretations of this tiny story. I think there could be a lot of fun ways to depict it in an abstract way visually, and with all the talented artists we have on the site, I think this could inspire some intriguing records.

8. Blink, franklizstein

This is a great resouce, and can be used in so many different collaborations, from Loops, to Monsters and even in the Childhood Collab. The execution on the animation is stunning, and I'd love to see how it could be used among video editors within different projects.

9. When I was asleep, Ruthieskel

I'm slightly biased when it comes to this tiny story, seeing as how I love black and white photographs.... :P I think graphic designers could have a lot of fun with remixing & designing images that could go with this story. I also think it could go well within CaptClare's Image Tale's collab (If you haven't checked out this collab yet DO IT!!!)

That's all folks!! For those at Sundance this week HAVE FUN, & I can't wait to see all the great records that will come from it! :D

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