“If you don’t climb the mountain, you won’t see the view!”

“You’re speaking in inspirational quotes again.”

“Maybe I like to inspire.”

“Maybe I like to hunker down here at base camp where there’s no risk of frostbite or excruciating icy death.”

“I never said it had to be Everest. A decent sized hill would do.”

“I’ll climb the stairs if it makes you happy?”

“You always have a witty retort ready don’t you?”

“Yes - and thanks!”

“You know, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit”

“That’s what I like about it. No climbing necessary.”

“I give up.”

“And what if Tenzing Norgay had just given up?”

“Fine – let life pass you by. See if I care!”

“I’m just taking a little breather. The ‘mountains’ aren’t going anywhere.”

“Yeah, well, neither are you.”

 “Hold on to your toes, Tenzing. This one’s ice cold.”

Everest (Dialogue Tale)
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