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When I heard Casa di loops by Malicore this idea came into my head - make a video where each loop gets its own animated/whatever loop. 

So here it is. Started it 3 or 4 times... Towards the end, I just couldn't here or distinguish some of them, so it's kind of a best guess. And I think most of the percussion ended up getting lumped together....

Most importantly: Thank you everyone for your records. You made everything a million times easier!!!!


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    LOVE IT.
    Jan 16, 2013
  • Image
    THIS IS FANTASTIC!!! It's eerie and curious! The littlest ghost is my favourite!! Well done!! <3
    Jan 16, 2013
    by M.anda
  • Image
    Ooooo... this has such a creepy and beautiful mood. So inventive. It must have been a lot of fun to make. And it is so exciting for me to see so many of my wee animations getting used in this, many have never been used by RECorders before and were definitely gathering dust. Thank you for shaking them off - I love this! <3
    Jan 16, 2013
  • Buzzcut
    Lovely video to match the whimsical song! One of my favorite parts was seeing images within the trees. You forgot to resource me for the iterations snail though... hehe ;)
    Jan 16, 2013
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