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There is a band
Inside a van.
They travel around the world
Through time and space.

And they are all bonkers.
Bonkers, bonkers,
They are all bonkers.
Yes, they are.

There is a van
Guarded by a dog.
The dog can't talk,
Or ...can he?

They are all bonkers.
Indeed they are.
Bonkers, bonkers.
That's what they are.

I'm part of this band,
It's a Family Band.
Yes, that is the name.
And we get together
And we eat pop-corn
And we have parties
And we tell our fans
That we're writing new songs
And to prove that we are
Here is a lyric
That we felt like sharing.

Bonkers, bonkers, bonkers.
Indeed, we are bonkers.

(Note: this isn't finished, we're still adding some things, but I'm guessing it will be done soon, and then we'll share it, so you can all sing along :D)