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I went for it and flushed out a short shot towards the end with a couple of powerful lines. The eyes are now looking around a little bit and emphasize some key words, lips are synced as close as my skills can reach, Puppet-Pins GALORE to get the facial features the way I wanted them, and added mood with lights/shadows. I would be thrilled if this was used in the final Dr. Sweet Tooth piece, but honestly this was more for myself to work out a couple of ideas I couldn't shake. I think it still needs work. Plus, maybe I went too complex?

HUGE hats-off to callmeishmael for all of his fantastic work on the character development and scenes. His artwork is so fun to work with! And to Edward Shallow for this crazy-ass World of Wonder that is starting to unfold.

Such talent. I am honored to work with you.

The elements/assets took me a couple days to finesse the way I like them for animating, so I don't want those to go to waste - I will upload the layered PhotoShop file tomorrow so that other animators can play with this scene. Please do!  ;^)

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