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Danny the duckling had not one single feather

Naked as a Jaybird, afraid of the weather

Exhiled from his flock, now a sad outcast

Shivering and moaning; oh how could he last?

Lannie the llama had fair hair to spare

"I will knit a jumper for Danny to wear."

Such a sweet lady llama with a heart made of gold

"Never again will that duckling be cold."

Covered with goosebumps from head to webtoe

Danny watched Lannie and cried "Go Lannie go!"

The snow began falling as she stitched the last stitch

Danny jumped in the jumper, but there was one little glitch

It was so warm and so soft, then he started to itch.

Did I mention: Danny the duckling's one unlucky son-of-a-bitch?

But do not despair, this story's now at the start

They hopped on a tractor and drove down to Walmart

They found Danny a pair of synthetic pajamas

But at the checkout they read, "We do not serve llamas!"

Danny the duckling asked, "What about ducks?"

The cashier cringed and said, "Looks like you're in luck."

"That'll be $12.95," the cashier commanded.

He only had $12.94, so they left empty-handed.

Outside in the snow, the duckling began crying

"I'm cold and I'm wet and I'm so tired of trying!"

So they stood in the parking lot next to a truck

Lannie and Danny down on their luck

What will become of the llama and the duck?

Y'all know the answer: they're totally fu.....but wait, my 10 minutes are up...