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Dancing through the trees

Holding onto stems of flowers

Loving things that will never love me

Succumbing to the powers

Of Freedom

Letting the wind kiss my cheeks

Letting the ocean hug my feet

Holding the hands of strangers memories

The thousands of feels that radiate


Believing in pixies

Wishing on dandy-lions

Hugging the girl I use be

Thoughts that develop


Love of Art

Love of Music

Love of another’s heart

Love becomes


A thought that enthralls my mind

Consuming my goals and dreams

A thought that has always been


I have screamed on mountaintops in the dead of night

Ran, without a stitch on, through the rain

 And danced, heedlessly, under the northern lights

Things I have done because of my hunger

For freedom

Freedom is something I will chase

Through cities and woods far away

I need the overwhelming solace

Of freedom’s sweet embrace

All I want

All I will ever desire

All I will ever dream of

Is becoming free

Free from fear

From chains and locks

From pain and sorrow

From tear drops

Free from others thoughts

Free from my own self-doubt

Free from the walls of my box

Or being left out

I will not grow old, not internally

I will not feel pain, not eternally

I will never crumble, metaphorically

But only if I have Freedom

Freedom is not something one can catch

Freedom is the bounty one gains

In short gasps

Throughout life

Freedom is not but a dream

It is and will always be

Completely and infinitely, untethered and