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There are many ways in which a parent can determine the quality of their child's life, and chief among these is the process of naming the kid. If the chosen name is too common, then they might be lost in the crowd, never quite certain that they are indeed the subject of address; too unusual, and the poor thing may find themselves singled out, isolated by their uniquity.

For Joseph and Jennifer Hess, the solution seemed obvious and elegant. Their firstborn daughter's name would be rare, but not unheard of (though perhaps viewed as a little old-fashioned). Her name would describe her, and in doing so it would grant her all the advantages and benefits which one would wish upon a child.

They called her Lucky.

Unfortunately, the Hesses did not consider the possibilities which lie in the combination of firstname and surname, possibilities which were emminently clear to the children in Lucky's school. Whether it was originally malign or accidental is now irrelevant: they called her Lucky Guess.

As a little girl, Lucky Hess revelled in her assigned name. She thought it sounded like a character in a story: an adventurer; a master detective, whose instincts worked in tandem with sharp insights, able to solve mysteries in the flick of an eyelash; at the very least, a daring reporter, travelling to remote and exotic landscapes in search of the most thrilling stories.

Growing older, she wearied of it. Her teachers picked it up from their pupils, and began to use it in response to her answers in class. Imagine how tiresome it must become, to have one's hard work and cleverness dismissed with...

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