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Lost Luck
curlysuechich19 Released Jan 06, 2013

            They said I was the lucky one. I was the one to walk away in one piece. I don’t see it that way. I lost a part of my soul, my best friend, my lover. My lucky days are over.

            It was a beautiful summer day inRome. Our hotel was nestled on a hidden street near the Trevi Fountain. My husband, of only five days, woke as the sun rose and dressed quickly, excited for our little adventure. His only request for our honeymoon was to take a ride on a Vespa through the outskirts ofRome. Unbeknownst to me, he mapped a scenic drive for us, with stops at a few restaurants and wineries. I smiled as he happily showed off his plans and quickly dressed to start our day.

            He wanted to record everything, so he found a neat camera holder to attach to the Vespa. Being a Thursday morning, the traffic insideRomewas horrendous but once we got out of the city, the pace slowed and we were able to enjoy ourselves. Josh wasn’t the adventurous type, but he was so proud of himself for planning the excursion (and being able to keep it a secret!) that he couldn’t resist taking us on the windy roads. We stopped for lunch at a quaint restaurant, and since we were on our honeymoon, the owners provided the best wine and kept us entertained while we enjoyed our lunch.

            A little drizzle started outside, but the owners assured us the rain wouldn’t cause any problems for beginning Vespa drivers. We hopped back on the Vespa and continued our journey.

            Unfortunately, everything is a bit hazy from that point on. All I remember was the rain coming down and Josh being so upset that his day trip was ruined.

            As I lay in the Roman hospital bed, I am so overwhelmed with emotions. I want to cry, scream, and throw all the machines I am strapped up to, but nothing will bring him back. My husband of only five days was gone.

            The only solace I have is that the police recovered the camera we attached to the Vespa. Our last moments together were both the best and worst moments of my life

            I lie in the hospital bed and slowly upload the video to my computer.