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Luck Duck
mokeyb85 Released Jan 06, 2013

Have I ever told you how we found our Duck 'Lucky'?

It was the hot summer of 2012. James, Doherty, Carolyn and myself decided to wander down to the pond we knew about in the bushlands behind our house. We'd be denied access to this in our younger years; our parents didn't wish us to get injured in the many rocky streams and slopes but we went any ways. That was 5 years ago. we are in our early 20's and they don't care anymore. It's up to us now to determine the risk we take.

We grabed our swimming clothes and beach towels and off we went.

The first signs of struggle we paid no heed, I was caugh in flirty conversation with Doherty. We'd always flirted but never had taken the next step; I had a good feeling today. It wasn't until Jim and Carol told us to keep quiet to listen, and heard clearly the cries. The sound of distress, and animal.

Jim began first, and the rest of us run up behind. There on the side of the pond was 3 boy, younger than us by a few years, kicking around what looked like a ball of fir; balls of fir do not make such blood turning cries.

Before I could register the scene Jim and Carol had already ran up upon the boys.

"Hey, you Fucks!" Jim yelled as he bolted at them. Two of the boys jumped with fright, saw James, then turned and made their escape. The third boy was too slow as Jim wad right behind, and before he could turn James was in the air tackling him into the pond away from the tortured duck they'd been kicking like a soccer ball.

The duck was taken home and nursed back to health. After this his quacking kinda sounded like 'Luck'. So we called him 'Lucky', he was lucky to be alive, another reason to be thankful for summer!