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Lucking Out
roswellgray Released Jan 06, 2013

I can't help but wonder if he even notices.  When I moved in to the house across the street, he saw me struggling up the stairs laden with boxes.  Immediately, he came to help.  He introduced himself with a wide, easy smile and helped me unload the moving van. 

He read the labels carefully and put the boxes where I asked him to while keeping up a steady stream of non-offensive questions.  I talked to him about things that didn't matter and tried not to ask too many questions about him.  As I settled in to my new home, I caught glimpses of him.  He drives a silver car, a Dodge, I think, but not the big one with the fancy engine everyone makes such a big deal about, his is sleeker and more angular. 

There's a dog that he walks, sometimes.  It's a shaggy, gray wolfhound.  They're an old breed.  I don't think the dog is his, though.  He doesn't seem to walk it every day.  When he does, he comes past my house.  Sometimes, I wait outside, so I can talk to him.

Everytime I see him, I offer blessings for him, sending all of the good luck that my kind can possibly give towards a human.  He often catches green lights just when he needs them.  The dog never sees squirrels on the path where it might break away from him.  There are times when he finds crumpled bills along his path, money dropped by accident, the original owner nowhere in evidence.  His vehicles never break down.  Everything that he wants to eat or drink or wants to buy always seems to go on sale just when he's ready to buy it.  Whenever he goes to play poker with his friends, he always ends up winning more than enough to say he's won, without upsetting the other players.

It's a simple matter to make his life easier, though I know that the acts themselves are subtle enough that he probably hasn't managed to make the connection between meeting me and helping me move in and the cascade of good fortune that has come into his life.

I hope that someday he realizes it.  I hope, someday, that all the luck I've sent to him comes back upon me threefold and he understands that it's because of me.