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The vast sidewalks of suburban Mason Street are lined with empty trash cans and remnants of the garbage that the trash collectors didn't pick up properly. There is a big couch down the street that did not get taken, along with an old tube TV and a rusty old propane tank.

CARL - mid-30's, skinny, timid, and obviously unconfident - steps out onto his section of the sidewalk wearing a bathrobe and nursing a cup of coffee. He stands beside his cookie cutter mailbox, which reads "37."

He looks to the right. And then down to the left. He turns around and then back to the left and right. He looks confused.

His neighbor GERALD from across the street walks quickly outside, grabs his own empty trash can, and briskly brings it back into his garage. He doesn't notice Carl standing across the street.

Next door, to the left, CINDY and NED - a married couple - pick up their two cans and place them inside their picket fence and hop in their car. They drive away.

Carl does another double take up and down the street. He looks very uncomfortable, when suddenly he gets intrigued. He suddenly notices the bottom end of a tin trash can peaking out from the opposite side of his neighbors' mini van. He starts to slowly walk toward the mini van, very cautiously.

When he gets to the other side of the mini van, ROSS - the young son of the family next door - abruptly pulls the can upwards. He gives a mean look up at Carl, who feels embarassed for being on the family's property. Ross begins to drag the can toward their garage, making a terrible screeching sound...

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