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I saw a ghost once
Then you did too.
Let's speak in metaphors from now on-
give them something to think through.
All of this incessant laughter
a million jokes all aimed to prove..
but how ironic can you get
before you're just telling the truth?

As for me I'll stick to smaller lines
and make sure to take note of the fact that you always knew so much better
so much better than me.

Well I've got wit so dry it'd choke you up,
and softer sounds that touch
until your teeth open up
and start to spill your guts.

Let's just go to bed
Before we go to sleep.
Let's act like we love each other,
just so we don't blow our cover.

I met a prophet
and then
I met a prophet again
(and impolitely prayed)
for just a little taste.

Tired of your life?
Then open up your eyes.

Glass and trees, man made time-
in time man sees
all of these beautiful things
are fiction for profit and feeding a need.

Brothers and sisters:
Do you have a voice,
or have you forgotten?
Tell me now-
Do you fight for your god, man?
Do you fuck in the garden?

You are not what's in your mirror.
We are not what we've become.