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No luck
MindAtPeace Released Jan 05, 2013


So you want to talk about luck! Lemme tell you- it's bullshit. There is no luck in real life. No dice! It's not a fucking board game, is it? Call me anything you want! Call me arrogant, tell me I brag too much. Yeah sure. I brag! You get mad! Free country- no harm done. I act like I'm the king of the world- like there's no one better than me. Good point. I know I'm not the best fucking person alive or anything but at least I'm trying to get there! So yeah. Do whatever you want to me, say whatever you want about me but NO. Don't call me lucky. I made this. All of this. I didn't sleep, I didn't eat and now I can live eating gold for 3 meals and I'll still have enough money to threaten my children with my will. and sleeping.. well. I can do that when I'm dead. Cliché, I know. But it's allowed. Because I fucking earned it.  


(So this is new. The idea in my head was a scientist who refused the idea and argued his case but then he turned into a rich asshole. c'est la vie?)