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So here we go- 2,000 miles

I feel like walking backwards

Show that 'Golden' coast

You'd be much more perfect if you'd just grow up faster.

Money doesn't fall from the same branches that good luck used to,

and my backyard is cold, even though I lit our "old" house to keep me warm.


I'm not sure which was worse:

When I realized I'd lost my sight,

or when I finally realized that I was fine.


They say the happiness you often tend to find when you're around me,

is actually nerves reacting to our new sleeping patterns (and badly!)


Well,  I was alive, I was alive, when I realized that I-

I am nothing now but light,

being guided down the line.

Here's an idea, all my good friends:

Let's pretend we've seen the end

and then

great things will come to us again.