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good luck.
chantal Released Jan 04, 2013

"good luck," he said. figures. they all said it after graduation. what does that even mean, anyway? no one ever says "good studying so you'll actually be prepared for college exams" or "good interview so that you get that job that you're perfect for" or "good love life that you've never had but totally deserve because any girl would be lucky to have you." and funny enough, there's that word again. "lucky". will i meet the love of my life by chance? and if i do, will i turn out lucky or unlucky? which is worse? 

did he mean "good luck" as in "i hope things coincidentally turn at well for you because that's your only shot at making it" or "good luck, because no matter how hard you try it it's all up to chance anyway"? in either case, thanks for nothing, douchebag, that's super encouraging.