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My Luck Key
ggullet Released Jan 04, 2013

One day as I was walking down the street, pondering my misfortunes in life, my head in it’s usual down position, I saw a very shiny object sparkling through the uncut grass. Hoping it was some sort of money I genuflected down to retrieve my hope. It turned out to be a key. A key to what I wondered maybe my luck key. Yeah I was sure now this was the thing that would turn it all around for me. But where would I start, so many doors so many locks. Not to be deterred I proceeded to try the key in every lock that I came across, you see I believed this was my destiny. Big doors, little doors, cars, trucks, and lockers, houses, stores and offices of doctors. But after days of trying my good luck seemed hopeless. I decided to return to the spot where I first saw my luck key maybe there I would find what I needed to see. As I looked down into the uncut grass as plain as day, what I was looking for, alas. There it was a door or hatch just waiting for me, with a lock, the perfect mate for my luck key. I opened the hatch and peered inside, I could not believe what was in front of my eyes…….TO BE CONTINUED