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Luck is...
booksontape Released Jan 04, 2013

The moon saving the sun's spot.
Noticing another's beauty and getting caught.
The blink of your eye never closed for too long.
Your words two breaths away from song.
Luck is...
The spark of a thought coming to mind.
How two separate hands fit perfectly entwined.
The constant noise of a world alive.
Our trust in the waters midpoint of each dive.
Luck is...
The day you remember what you had forgot.
Being loved by someone even though you may not.
The chance to be individual in your own way.
To be graced with a new colour of sky each passing day.
Luck is...
The idea that hope is always thriving.
Giving everyone dreams beyond describing.
The knowing you are something past explanation.
A subject with infinite descriptive classification.

The most important luck you'll find.
Is the luck of an otherworldly kind.
The luck of the stars and the planets stretched out far.
Having you the center of everything they are.
Luck is you.