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Kumaling Released Jan 04, 2013


That was the one word as a child I couldn't say properly. 

Somehow, I just couldn't say it.

Using the tip of my tongue, I would try. I curled it. Manipulated it. Did whatever I could to ennunciate it.

But my tongue would slip, slide, and slither around and all that came out, was YUCKY.

And I remember, being in the kitchen, with my brother; trying to read the name of the box of cereal in front of me. 

I couldn't.

And for days, I tried. For weeks. Spending hours of my childhood, sitting in front of the TV, with my toys, and I would yell out YUCKY YUCKY LLYYUUCKY.

It was fun in those days to try and pronounce a word that sounded so strange to my ear, so foreign to my tongue. 

One word which always wandered away from me.

Eluded me.

Deceived me?


It's the fond memories of Lucky that I keep.

That one word with 6 letters in today's world can keep you going.

It can mean life, happiness, chance.

Anything that can give you hope.

And sometimes, that's what life is. 

Just pure luck.

And one day, the tables turned.

By pure chance, my tongue it slipped, it slid, and it did slither its way around.

I managed to curl my tongue, to manipulate it, and I ennunciated.


I was lucky.