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1: Have you ever thought about luck?

2: Sure I have, lots a’ times. I think about how lucky millionaires, celebrities, and game show winners are.

1: No, I mean… luck, luck itself.

2: I have no idea what you’re talking about anymore.

1: Like how luck is really quite unlucky.

2 :Now I’m really lost.

1: Well you’ve kind of talked about what I mean. No one thinks about luck unless it’s exceedingly fortunate. Isn’t it lucky that you can find your keys every morning?

2: Now wait a second… I can find my keys everymorning because I rememb…

1: But aren’t you also lucky you can remember? And aren’t you lucky because you’re here?

2: We’re just standing here, how in the world is this…

1: Lucky? Don’t you think it’s lucky that out of the billion possibilities you are here? Tremendous opportunity you know.