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Whois Lucky? I tried to comprehend my initial impression of the color.  It was quite blue, it was almost grey, but not that bland.  It had intense flecks of a storm cloud, with the and overflow of deep sky blue.  This was no ordinary blue, the kind of blue that warms you from the inside out.  He didn't use his pupils as a weapon, closing tightly as i continued to evaluate his motives.  I was completely mesmerized by intensity. In a trance of amazement. I could begin to see different emotion revealing themselves to my intuition.  Why expose yourself to me now? Why begin to tell me the story when you are so close to ending it?  Is it despair? Maybe anger. . . no definitely not anger.  Despair possibly, but not anger.  I could feel everything around me beginning to warm.  My blood was begin to pump faster.  Why are my wrists hurting so much? Are they supposed to hurt this much?  Those eyes, damn those fucking eyes.  Why are they lying to me now. Was it all just to create a false sense of safety?  That may be the entire end game rolled into one revelation.  I was supposed to feel safe.  I do not feel safe.  Why is fear becoming my only emotion clouding my vision.  I need to think.  Time is running out i can tell.  2 minutes left, maybe 3.  God how did this happen to me. Why did this happen to me.  Wait what is that? Has the grey gone away? Is that hope? Am i allowed to have hope now? Why are his eyes showing this to me, maybe i am just hallucinating this.  My fingers are tingling. My veins are about to explode.  Everything is getting dark, black, fight, please fight, damn those eyes.