Merry Christmas everybody!!

280 post-its.

5 colors. 

I underestimated the difficulty of this one, but it worked out in the end. Video will come after Christmas. 

EDIT: Video is up in the results section

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    Holy Woah this is awesome!
  • 20131126_071429
    Beautiful work
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    Hi m00njumper, I've been looking around trying to find out how to contact you, it just seems like this is the only way I can find, so sorry to be doing this on one of your records...

    But I am new to hitrecord, and I just cant figure out how this thing works... Could you help me out a little bit by chance ? I can give you my personal e-mail if needed or any method really. Cheers!
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    Thanks for the comments and hearts! 300 is unthinkable :O
  • Iluminar-1631312
    This is very cool :)
    Thanks for the <3!
  • I-speak-whale-1496463
    just WOW. <3
  • Anybarra83-1642697
    WOW!! How many days did this take?! And please tell me you still have it up! That's amazing :D
  • Kitchcat-1626648
    epic effort and result!
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