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Scene From A Sitcom
Day Glo Released Dec 21, 2012


STEVE sits at a table, eating soup. He is completely absorbed in this activity. The door to the apartment opens. SIMON enters.

The audience go wild.

Simon tries to deliver his line, but the audience continue to applaud and cheer.

Both actors stay dead still, trying to hold character, for 11 minutes, waiting for the audience to stop making noise. Fade out.

Commercial break. Fade back in. The audience is still cheering and whooping.

Simon makes another attempt at his line. But still, the audience noise will not abate. If anything, their fervour seems to increase in volume and intensity.

Steve has long ago drained his soup bowl. He pantomimes eating, waiting for Simon's opening barb.

It continues until the end of the episode. Simon continues to stand, Steve remains seated, impassive, expressions fixed, as the credits roll, to rapturous applause.

Fade to black.