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"Deleted" is a short film that me and my friends will be making. It's based on Pamagotchi's record (Hey... It's Me). I did a film of it a while ago but I wasn't really content with the outcome. So we decided to redo it and we need your help making it.

So far we came up parts of the story.

It's about two people, Desmond and Rachel. They both live in different places. Desmond lives in a town in California where Rachel used to live. Rachel lives in New york. Desmond is 17 and Rachel is 19. Desmond got in an accident that made him lose most of his memory.. that inludes the memories he had with Rachel before she moved to New York. Rachel heard about it a year later when her friend told her about it in Skype. Desmond recovered quickly but he still couldn't remember anything. Desmond is an actor who is working his way to Hollywood. Rachel is an artist, photographer, songwriter, and she could be also good at acting. One day.. They met each other again during a webcam session. Desmond couldn't remember anything about Rachel and she is very upset with it. Ever since that session, they started to talk again throught the webcam every single day. Desmond fell in love with her again, and he is starting to remember bits of his history with Rachel. He is starting to get flashbacks from years ago, when he was young, and with Rachel. But what he doesn't know is about Rachel's other lover Jason. He loves Rachel as much as Desmond loves her. Jason is an artist too and basically... He's a big asshole. Later on the story, Desmond will remember his history of Rachel by looking through his old computer and seeing a "Deleted" file from long ago. No one knows why it was Deleted and why it's still there if it's Deleted. In that file, he has old videos of him and Rachel, photos, and things that happened in the past. Then the story goes on.

You guys can add your own story here too or make some changes if you like. 

I'll be making a collaboration of this when HitRECord fixes all the bugs.

We also need video clips that relates to the story, scripts, audio recordings.

I made a little trailer of this couple of days ago, the video is still encoding so I'll just post an extended version of it from my youtube channel.

DELETED Preview: